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Think green for the company event, wedding, grandpa’s birthday bash, or student party! Our well-prepared catering menu contains many different plant-based dishes with inspiration from all corners of the world. Order below no later than three days in advance and pay by card, invoice, or cash. The prices below are valid for a minimum of 20 people and are excl. VAT. Contact us for questions or orders for smaller groups at

Mains & Salads

 Seasonal favorites


Indian Korma

120,00 kr/pers

Janssons Temptation

120,00 kr/pers

Veggie Lasagna

140,00 kr/pers

Winter Stew

120,00 kr/pers

Zucchini salad with Pesto

65,00 kr/pers

Beetroot Salad

65,00 kr/pers

Creamy Curried Soy Strip Salad

68,00 kr/pers

Fragrant Couscous Salad

65,00 kr/pers

Hermans Bean Salad

65,00 kr/pers

Japanese Noodle Salad

68,00 kr/pers

Kale Salad

65,00 kr/pers

Potato Salad

65,00 kr/pers

Raw Carrot & Coconut Salad

65,00 kr/pers


 With worldwide inspiration


East Asia

285,00 kr/pers

Finger Food

335,00 kr/pers


260,00 kr/pers


310,00 kr/pers


286,00 kr/pers

Merry Christmas – large menu

320,00 kr/pers

Merry Christmas – small menu

225,00 kr/pers

Middle East

286,00 kr/pers

Seasonal Buffet

260,00 kr/pers


286,00 kr/pers

Sides & Snacks

 Don’t forget bread and hummus


Apple Chutney

20,00 kr/pers

Baba Ganoush

30,00 kr/pers

Herbal Margarine

15,00 kr/pers

Hermans Hummus

65,00 kr/pers

Homemade Bread

9,00 kr/pers


20,00 kr/pers


 To fulfill your feast


Apple and Walnut Cake

58,00 kr/pers

Belgian Chocolate Cake

68,00 kr/pers

Apple Pie with Vanilla Sauce

55,00 kr/pers

Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Sauce

55,00 kr/pers

Raspberry Pie with Vanilla Custard Sauce

55,00 kr/pers

Tableware & Staff

 Let our professional staff help you


Disposable Fork

1,60 kr/pers

Disposable Glass

1,60 kr/pers

Disposable Knife

1,60 kr/pers

Disposable Plate

1,60 kr/pers


4,00 kr/pers


4,00 kr/pers


4,00 kr/pers

Staff, Chef or Manager

470,00 kr/pers

Staff, Waiters

370,00 kr/pers

Water Glass

4,00 kr/pers


 Order delivery or pick your order up


Delivery within City Limits

516,00 kr


  • All prices are per person. 12% VAT will be added to all food items, while 25% VAT will be added to all other items and services.
  • All orders must be made at least three days in advance. For prices given, the minimum order is 20 portions. For groups of less than 20, please contact us for correct prices.
  • Cancellation of an order must be made no later than three workdays in advance. A later cancellation will be charged 50% of the total catering price. A cancellation made later than 48 hours before delivery will be charged 100% of the total price.
  • Payment can be made by cash, card or invoice.
  • The price given for delivery is for weekdays 9 a.m-6 p.m. within the city. For other times and destinations, contact us for correct pricing. Of course, you may also collect your order at the restaurant, Hermans, Fjällgatan 23B. Any equipment may also be returned the following weekday.
  • We will charge for any damaged or lost goods.
  • When hiring staff, an extra compensation (OB) will be required (by law) for work carried out Monday-Friday after 8 p.m. and all weekends, with 20 SEK per hour. Social security fees are included in our prices. Our minimum charge is four hours.