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In the early 1990s, Herman Ottosson had an idea when selling home-made jewelry on the beaches of Mexico: he wanted to introduce vegetarian food in Stockholm and challenge the Scandinavian cuisine. He returned home and started his first restaurant in 1992, expanding rapidly to seven units around Stockholm. Herman was the one who got Stockholmers to discover tasty vegetarian food from different parts of the world.

After 14 years as a restaurateur, Herman decided in 2006 that it was time for something new. He handed the mission of developing the vegetarian cuisine over to a young couple named Leo and Omer (us!).

Hermans became our first baby and big family. Staff from all over the world create a multicultural feeling.

We’re not perfect, but we try our best to care for the planet and the future of our children. We have chosen to serve plant based food because it has the least harmful environmental impact and, according to us, is the healthiest. Our dishes and desserts are made in our kitchen with care and thought, and we use organic raw materials whenever possible. All waste is recycled, work clothes and clothes we sell are made with organic cotton and bamboo, the restaurant is eco-labeled, and the company car rolls on biofuel.

We have chosen to use this phrase as it reflects our vision and philosophy.

Our focus is to offer an accessible option to discover vegetarian food, which for many has been perceived as boring or tasteless. We want to prove that vegetarian food can be both tasty and varied. All kinds of people come to Hermans – regulars, tourists, vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat a good, varied, plant-based buffet. We do not want to be seen as a small niche in the market, but as part of an ongoing conscious movement. We want to help people make the connection between the food we choose to eat and how it has a direct effect on our own and the planet’s health. We want to be the BETTER ALTERNATIVE.

When our guests have had an alternative, delicious, healthy vegetarian meal, with one of the finest views Stockholm has to offer, we want to make sure they leave us with a smile.