Merry Christmas – large menu

365,00 kr

Christmas is around the bend! Our large Christmas menu contains all our Christmas buffet favorites.

  • “Jansson’s Temptation” – ovenbaked julienne potatoes with cream and capers
  • Hermans home made Christmas “ham” (seitan)
  • Hermans mustard
  • “Prinskorv” – small soy sausages
  • Soy meatballs with creamy sauce
  • Boiled potatoes with dill
  • Finnish root vegetables au gratin
  • Lemon pickled aubergine “herring”
  • Mustard pickled aubergine “herring”
  • Classic cooked red cabbage salad
  • Nut paté with cumberland sauce
  • Waldorf salad with apples, celery and walnuts
  • Beetroot salad (with soy mayo)
  • Skagen (dill and lemon mayo with seaweed caviar and tofu “shrimp”)
  • Cashew “Brie” cheese with marmelade and crackers
  • Homebaked bread with herb and garlic “butter”


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